Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - When Can I Buy a Car?

Buying a car after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Video Transcript

Your Chapter 7 is going to be discharged and that means your debts will be gone in something like 3-4 months after your case has filed. And after that, if you want to buy a car then you can start looking to do that.

And remember, right now you have debts that you're probably not paying if you're looking for Chapter 7 release and the Chapter 7 is going to take care of that for you so you should be in much better position to be able to afford a car.

Now, you're going to have to look for certain deals. Not every car dealer is going to sell you a car immediately after Chapter 7 discharge, but there are plenty who will.

If you have a job and you demonstrate some ability to pay, there are plenty of car dealers out there who will sell you a car immediately. You might not be able to get the most expensive car out there on the lot, but there are plenty of cars available and you'll find it's very simple to do that in Chapter 7.


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Posted by Taylor Oaks at 9:42 AM
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